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Van Gogh Sunflowers Colour Works - Races and Abilities tray puzzle Snakes and Ladders, Draughts, Double Sided Board Game Dressing Toddlers - Colour Matching

Welcome to Willis Toys Ltd

Willis Toys Limited was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer and supplier of wooden jigsaw puzzles and educational toys and games.

In developing our range, we have always tried to supply puzzles and games not produced by other manufacturers, addressing issues such as race, religion, handicaps and social issues, always bearing in mind that they should be fun and well illustrated to boot. The traditional nature and durability of our products make them ideal for use in schools and kindergartens.

A puzzle is something a child can do again and again, they provide a tremendous sense of satisfaction as they fit the last piece. Many of the products found on this site can be used to teach a myriad of skills that go far beyond the mere fitting of a piece into a puzzle; puzzles and other toys can play a key role in a child’s development. Find out more about the educational role toys can play.

Our range also extends to also include stroke rehabilitation puzzles for adults. These products are designed with beautiful paintings and scenes to create large piece puzzles. These puzzles are a perfect aid for stroke rehabilitation or as an engaging activity for the elderly.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a child, a traditional wooden toy or an interesting new learning experience for infants and toddlers, Willis Toys' wide range of puzzles and toys are bound to have something perfect for you.

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